Green Power Co., Ltd.

      Green Power with headquarter in Beijing, factory in Hubei province, is diversified technology company and global manufacturer of AC-DC & AC-AC power supplies and power quality products more than 20 years, with R&D engineers more than 50 people, more than 1000 units per month of production capacity, the designed and manufactured products are widely used more than 40 countries, including Germany, USA, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Iran, Israel, Chile, Columbia etc., established partner relation with many brands with more than 50 years history, some even longer than 100 years history.

   Green Power Products

· IGBT Rectifier

· SCR Rectifier

· Induction heating Rectifier

· Active Harmonic Filter



Technical Capability

      Green Power is dedicated to consistent R&D for more than 20 years, engineers with PhD in power electronics, with rich experience, have very good understanding to the power electronics. We are an authorized high-tech company, with patent technology and software copyright, products are approved CE certification. 

Self developed digital microcontroller, programmed by ourselves, high power density module structure support direct parallel connection and current expansion; the power supply designed for metal electrowinning process, support parallel or series connection for flexible electrolytic cells parallel or series. 

Quality Control

       During the past 20+ years, we consistently follow the concept of Quality First, based on thorough understanding to the applications and power electronics technology, designed products are robust and reliable in various industrial applications. All the materials and components selection is for safety and reliabilityconsideration, such as the enclosure, 2mm thick strong cold-rolled steel plate or aluminum coated zinc plate is used; choose high efficiency, reliable Nanocrystalline material as high frequency transformers core; all the copper bus bars are 99.9% pure red of copper; IGBTs, diodes, capacitors, cooling fans, sensors etc. are all reliable for long time smooth running. And the production craftwork is specially paid attention, every detail is not missed by us for quality. 

360 degree Service

      All stage of excellent service is provided by us with our service team, we will respond you at the most quick time, in case of any questions or problems, our technical team will provide technical support. Product training, spare parts and accessories are available for your process smooth operation, also we are happy to have technical exchange with you to optimize the solution and upgrade the efficiency at most. In some countries, we provide local technical service.