Waste water treatment rectifier

1. Suitable waste water treatment:

Waste water electrolysis, Electrocoagulation

2. Why use IGBT rectifier instead of SCR rectifier:

  -Same reliability as SCR rectifier, long time 24 hours continuous running

  -Power saving at least 15% than SCR rectifier

  -Less affected by power fluctuation, 100% output, don't need extra capacity:

   IGBT rectifier adopts AC-DC-AC-DC topology, 3 phase AC is firstly converted to DC, which has capacitors for energy charging and discharging, it will suppress power fluctuation. So rectifiers don't need bigger capacity than actual use. 

   SCR rectifier doesn’t have energy buffer function, it is affected directly by the grid power fluctuation, so it always keep much extra capacity.

  -Less plating time needed, customer feedback 40% shorter time needed for plating

  -Compact size, much less size and weight of SCR rectifier, don't need forklift

  -Low Pollution to grid, power factor>0.93

  -Lower cost

3. What's special of Green Power rectifier:

 -High quality, Europe level reliability with much cheaper price than Europe

 -Modular structure

  (1) Flexible current expansion: get different current output

  (2) High reliability: module independent running, one module break down won't affect others, whole rectifier continue running

  (3) Compact size: less floor area occupied, modules could be stacked

  (4) Easy to install,maintain and replace direct plug-in and plug-out

  (5) Direct replace spare module for easy repair

  (6) Standard design, short lead time

 -Automatic electronic polarity reversal, polarity reversing frequency up to 100 times per second. 

 -Digital control, high accuracy for +15 years, fast responding time

 -Touch panel for easy HMI, support different languages, record history data

 -Automatic self fault diagnose and display

 -Easy remote control, support 4-20mA/0-10V analog signal+dry contacts, communication RS485(MODBUS), Profibus DP, Profinet. 

 -Ripple<5% on request

 -Automatic polarity reversal technology

 -Very easy for maintenance and troubleshooting

 -Excellent workmanship

 -Local service in India, Germany, Chile, Russia, Iran, Korea, United Kingdom etc. countries  

 -Custom design available

 -Soft start/stop available on request

4. Main specification

 -Input voltage: 3 phase 4 line, 220V, 380V, 415V, 480V

 -Input voltage protection range: +/-10%

 -Rated output current: 1000A-120kA

 -Rated output voltage: 8V-200V

 -Cooling method: Water cooling, forced air cooling

 -Polarity reversal available

 -Power factor:>0.93

 -Efficiency: >90% at 15V

 -Regulation range: 0-100%

 -Duty cycle: 100% continuous running

 -Control mode: constant voltage, constant current

 -Accuracy: <1%

 -Ambient temperature: Max. 40℃

 -Elevation: <4000m