Electrolysis rectifier

1. Suitable electrolysis types

Electrolysis of ion-exchange membrane Causticsoda (NaOH,sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, copper foil, salt solution, seawater desalination Electrodialysis(ED) etc. 

2. Electrolysis rectifier type

 -IGBT rectifier: suitable for lower power of electrolysis

 -SCR rectifier: suitable for very high power electrolysis


3. Electrolysis rectifier output range

 -DC rated Output current: 1000A-50kA

 -DC rated Output voltage: 40V-1000V


4. Turn-key solution scope of supply: 


 -SCR Rectifier

 -Water chiller(if water cooling)

 -DC sensor

 -DC switch

 -20' or 40' Container(optional)

 -Industrial air conditioner(optional if needed)

5. Advantages of Green Power rectifier

 -Provide turn-key solution

 -High reliability

 -Mature technology, many successful aplication

 -High accuracy

 -High efficiency

 -Low output ripple

 -Touch panel HMI

 -Digital control

6. Main parameters

 -Cooling method: water cooling/air cooling

 -Constant current accuracy: better than ±0.5%

 -Power factor: ﹥0.92(α<10°)


 -Overload ability: 105% continuous, 150% 1 minute

 -Noise: ≤60dB(distance 1 meter)

 -Output regulation range: 0-100% continuous adjustable

 -Protections: DC over voltage, DC overload/over current, overheat, fuse protection, cooling water pressure, cooling water temperature etc.