Anodizing IGBT Rectifier

1. Suitable anodizing types:

The IGBT rectifier is suitable for aluminm general decorative anodizing and hard anodizing. 

2. Why use IGBT pulse rectifier instead of SCR rectifier:

  -Same reliability as SCR rectifier, long time 24 hours continuous running

  -High frequency pulse output is good for anodizing process, get perfect anodizing quality

  -Power saving at least 15% than SCR rectifier

  -Less affected by power fluctuation, 100% output, don't need extra capacity.

  -Less anodizing time needed, customer feedback 40% shorter time needed

  -High power density, compact size, much less size and weight of SCR rectifier

  -Low Pollution to grid, power factor>0.93

  -Lower cost

3. What's special of Green Power anodizing rectifier:

 -High quality, Europe level reliability with much cheaper price than Europe

 -High current, high power design and manufacture experience, such as 10000A 24V available

 -Have experience of hard anodizing rectifier with different output waveform and high voltage output

 -Could set anodizing time and auto turn off when time is up

 -Modular stacked structure

 (1) Flexible current expansion: get different current output

  (2) High reliability: module independent running, one module break down won't affect others, whole rectifier continue running

  (3) Compact size: less floor area occupied, modules could be stacked

  (4) Easy to install,maintain and replace direct plug-in and plug-out

  (5) Direct replace spare module for easy repair

  (6) Standard design, short lead time

 -Digital control, high accuracy for +15 years, fast responding time

 -Touch panel for easy HMI, support different languages, record history data

 -Automatic self fault diagnose and display, for easy troubleshooting

 -Easy remote control, support 4-20mA/0-10V analog signal+dry contacts, communication RS485(MODBUS), Profibus DP, Profinet. 

 -Very easy for maintenance and troubleshooting

 -Excellent workmanship

 -Local service in India, Germany, Chile, Russia, Iran, Korea, United Kingdom etc. countries  

 -Soft start/stop available on request

 -Hard anodizing output waveform custom design available

4. Typical anodizing IGBT rectifier types

 -Decorative anodizing rectifier: 

  Current: 2000A, 3000A, 5000A, 10000A, 12000A, 15000A, 20000A 

  Voltage: 18V, 20V, 24V

 -Hard anodizing rectifier: 

  Current: 500A, 1000A, 1500A, 2000A, 4000A

  Voltage: 60V, 90V, 120V.

5. Hard anodizing output waveform

6. Main specification

 -Input voltage: 3 phase 4 line, 220V, 380V, 415V, 480V

 -Input voltage protection range: +/-10%

 -Rated output current: 1000A-20000A

 -Rated output voltage: 18V-200V

 -Cooling method: Water cooling, forced air cooling(smaller power)

 -Power factor:>0.93

 -Efficiency: >90% at 24V

 -Regulation range: 0-100%

 -Duty cycle: 100% continuous running

 -Control mode: constant voltage, constant current

 -Accuracy: <1%

 -Ambient temperature: Max. 40℃

 -Elevation: <4000m