Electroplating Rectifier Introduction

The electroplating rectifiers are widely applied for metal and plastic plating, rack plating, barrel plating and continuous plating, plating types include: 

   -Chrome plating and hard chrome plating;

   -Nickel plating;

   -Copper plating;

   -Zinc plating;


   -Tin plating;


We provide high efficiency, high accuracy, high reliability, high frequency IGBT based rectifier for electroplating industry. 

Modular based, support convenient current expansion through modules parallel connection, compact size.

Provide multiple remote control communication options. 

Electroplating Industry Experience

Recommended Products

1. Air Cooling

           100A/300A 12V 

        500A/600A 12V/15V 

       1000A/1500A/2000A 12V

2. Water Cooling