DVR(Dynamical Voltage Regulator)


• No contact
• long life
• Quick adjustment
• High efficiency
• Maintenance-free

• Overview    

By superimposing a phase- and amplitude-controlled AC source at the end of the station, the terminal voltage     is raised or lowered within a certain range, allowing the user to obtain a voltage output within the rated range.

• Product Advantages   

No contact, long life, fast adjustment, high efficiency, maintenance-free.

• Application Area    

Rural and urban users with low terminal voltage because of large power supply radius.

• Optional Features    

Reactive power compensation, power quality monitoring, remote data transmission


Technical  Parameters

Voltage levelAC220V/380V
Voltage adjustment range-30%~+20%
Pressure regulation accuracy±5%
Pressure regulation response time<20ms
Loss of shifting time<0.5ms
Bypass pressure loss time<0.5ms
Communication InterfaceRS485/RS232 interface, optional

 DVR Application to  Rural Town Power Grid

50 Sets of  DVR Production Picture