• Nearly 400 Boxes Of Equipment Were All Prepared And Finally Shipped Smoothly

    In September last year, Green Power won an overseas 100-ton/day electrolytic zinc turnkey project with professional technical services, meticulous business negotiations, and mature solutions. The entire project includes electrolytic zinc rectifier cabinets, transformer systems, and All equipment of the entire electrolysis workshop, including the electrolyzer, cathode and anode plates and other important components. After several months of rigorous material selection, design, assembly, commissioning, and acceptance of all equipment, nearly 400 boxes of equipment were all prepared and finally shipped smoothly yesterday and sent to the destination country.Cheers!

  • Congratulations To Green Power For Winning The Overseas 100 Tons/day Zinc Electrolysis General Contracting Project

    As an export-oriented, technology-oriented high-tech enterprise, Green Power is highly recognized by more and more customers around the world.Despite the impact of this pandemic,with the professional& meticulous technical solutions and the efficient&patient business communication, it finally stood out from plenty of competitors and won the overseas 100 tons/day zinc electrolysis turnkey project.

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      Green Power Co., Ltd. is registered in UK, Green Power Co., Ltd. as its subsidiaritycompany located in Beijing China, is diversified technology company and global manufacturer of AC-DC & AC-AC power supplies and power quality products more than 20 years, with R&D engineers more than 50 people, more than 1000 units per month of production capacity, the designed and manufactured products are widely used more than 40 countries.

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      The performance of products with advanced technology, reliable, timely customer service and customer service has been applied widely in the praise of electric heating, water treatment, metallurgy, electric power, railway, military, medical, chemical, crystal, polycrystalline, sapphire industry industry industry, caustic soda industry, charging and storage, rail transportation industry, the military industry, industrial furnace, semiconductor manufacturing, electrochemical industry

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      The company is equipped with a professional service team to provide you with a product selection and a product handbook for you to make feedback and solve problems at the first time.

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